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Instructions for Authors - Presenters of EMNLP-02 talks

These instructions are only for authors of the papers accepted to the EMNLP'02 workshop.

These instruction might in part apply to other workshops or the ACL conference itself, but please check with the organizers first!

A. Presenters will have 25 minutes to present the paper, with 20 minutes for the presentation itself and five minutes left for questions from the audience. The time limits will be strictly enforced by the session chairs.

B. Overhead and data projectors will be available in both rooms. No other equipment will be available, including laptop or other computers. Therefore, you have to bring your own laptop or other device with standard VGA output connector, or borrow one from fellow presenters if you intend to use the data projector.

Good luck with your preparation, and see you soon at EMNLP!