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Instructions for Authors for Camera-ready Final Versions of
EMNLP-02 Papers

These instructions are only for authors of the papers accepted to the EMNLP'02 workshop.

Please note that both the paper camera-ready version as well as the electronic version must be submitted. Moreover, the deadline for the camera-ready electronic version is several days EARLIER than the deadline for the paper version.

A. Authors must print the Copyright Transfer Agreement, complete it, sign it and send it together with the paper camera-ready copies to David Yarowsky at the address below.

B. Papers should be prepared according to the following guidelines:

The maximum length of a paper is 8 pages (due to higher number of accepted papers, we cannot in genral allow for 10-page papers anymore). However, authors can purchase 2 more pages for $100/page. In any case, please be considerate and do not use an odd number of pages or half-empty last pages, since the volume will be quite thick anyway. Use US-letter size paper. If you cannot print on it because of its physical unavailability, print on A4 but respect the size of the actual text as if printed on letter-size paper (see below).

Formatting instructions: Center the title of the manuscript along with authors' names and their complete addresses at the top of the first page. Generally print all text, including titles and figures, in two-column format where each column is 3.15in by 9in and there is a 0.2in space between the two columns. Exceptions to the two-column format include the title and author information at the top of the first page and any full-width figures or tables. Text should be centered on each page. On US-Letter paper, this roughly means leaving 1in margins on left and right sides of each page as well as a 1in margin on the top and the bottom of each page. Type single spaced. Indent when starting a new paragraph, except the paragraph under a section heading. Use 11 points Times Roman for text, 14 to 16 points for headings and title. Print on only one side of the page. Do not print page numbers. Instead, please number the pages clearly on the reverse side, in pencil. Send two copies of the camera-ready paper to

  Prof. David Yarowsky - EMNLP02
  Dept. of Computer Science - NEB 224
  Johns Hopkins University
  3400 N. Charles St.
  Baltimore, MD 21218
  +1-410-516-5372 (for FedEx, DHL, etc.)
If you are using the extra 2 page option, please make your check payable to ACL and send it along with your paper submission.

All style files for the submission of the final version are available here. This includes our LaTeX style file acl2002.sty which implements most of the requirements. It is intended for use with the acl.bst BibTeX bibliography style. An MS Word document template is also available. Be warned that use of these files on some systems may produce incorrect results. Therefore, verify that the margins and font size of your output conform to the guidelines. If they do not, you are responsible for making the appropriate adjustments.

C. The deadline: for the paper copy, May 30th, 2002.

D. The ACL proceedings (incl. EMNLP) will also be available on a CD-ROM. Therefore, you are also required to provide a pdf file with contents identical to the paper version. The procedure for uploading the pdf file is as follows: go to and follow the instructions (UserID and password for accessing the uploading site has been mailed to the contact author. If you have not received it, please contact immediately). Multiple uploads are possible until the deadline; the newest upload counts. Info about converting papers to PDF is available on the web above as well. The authors are responsible for ensuring that the suitable fonts are included when necessary in preparing the pdf file.

The deadline for electronic version submission is May 25, 2002. Again, the electronic version is IN ADDITION to the paper version, not a substitute!