Title Type
Combining Words: Syntactic Properties of Czech Multiword Expressions with Light Verbs Grant
A comparison of Czech and English verbal valency based on corpus material (theory and practice) Grant
An Integrated Approach to Derivational and Inflectional Morphology of Czech Grant
Anaphoricity in Connectives: Lexical Description and Bilingual Corpus Analysis Grant
Automatická analýza diskurzních vztahů v češtině Grant
Center for large-scale multi-modal data interpretation Grant
Čeština ve věku strojového překladu Grant
Contextually-based synonymy and valency of verbs in a bilingual setting Grant
Coreference, Discourse Relations and Information Structure in a Contrastive Perspective Grant
Corpus-based Valency Lexicon of Czech Nouns Grant
Delving Deeper: Lexicographic Description of Syntactic and Semantic Properties of Czech Verbs Grant
Disagreement in corpus annotation and variation of human understanding of text Grant
Epistemic and Evidential Markers in Czech Grant
Explicitní popis jazyka a anotovaná data se zřetelem na češtinu Grant
ForFun2: Functions and Forms of Circumstantial Modifications Grant
Global Coherence of Czech Texts in the Corpus-Based Perspective Grant
Identification and Prevention of Unwanted Gender Bias in Neural Language Models Grant
Implicit Relations in Text Coherence Grant
Language Understanding: from Syntax to Discourse Grant
Linguistic Factors of Readability in Czech Administrative and Educational Texts Grant
Linguistic Structure Representation in Neural Networks Grant
Metody pro rychlou diskurzní anotaci ve vybraných korpusech Grant
Mnohojazyčný strojový překlad Grant
Morphologically and Syntactically Annotated Corpora of Many Languages Grant
Neuronové reprezentace v multimodálním a mnohojazyčném modelování (Neural Representations in Multi-modal and Multi-lingual Modelling) Grant
Non-Standard Computational Models and Their Applications in Complexity, Linguistics, and Learning Grant
On Linguistic Structure of Evaluative Meaning in Czech Grant
Reviving Zellig S. Harris: More linguistic information for distributional lexical analysis of English and Czech Grant
Sentence structure induction without annotated corpora Grant
Structure of coreferential chains in parallel language data Grant
Subcategorization of adverbial meanings based on corpus data Grant
Systematic, economical and corpus-based description of valency properties of Czech deverbal nouns (theory and practice) Grant
Valency of Non-verbal Predicates. An Extension of Valency Studies to Adjectives and Deadjectival Nouns. Grant
VALLEX - Between Reciprocity and Reflexivity: The Case of Czech Reciprocal Constructions Grant
Vybrané derivační vztahy pro automatické zpracovaní češtiny Grant
Word-formation Relations Reflected in Noun Valency: The Case of Czech Deverbal and Deadjectival Nouns Grant
Word-formation structure of Czech words: a data-based research Grant