The Prague Dependency Treebank 1.0

New: PDT 3.0 (2013) | PDiT 1.0 (2012) | PDT 2.5 (2012) | PDT 2.0 (2006)
What is PDT 1.0?
What can be found on the PDT 1.0 CD-ROM?
Order the PDT 1.0 CD-ROM from the LDC
You need to register if you have (a) received PDT 1.0 not through LDC, (b) downloaded PDT tools, or (c) you wish to download them, or (d) to use Netgraph
All users of the data and/or tools are required to express their acceptance of the licencing conditions and to register. If you ordered PDT through the LDC on-line order form (see the link above), you have registered at the time of ordering and you do not need to re-register.
Browse the CD-ROM contents (documentation, utilities, but not the data) on-line
Most of the software and documentation is available on-line. Not the data itself. If you need the data, you either have to order the CD (see above) or to install the Netgraph on-line viewer (see below).
Search the data on-line using the Netgraph viewing tool
As an anonymous user you won't get more than the first 100 search results (although the whole treebank will be searched) and you won't be able to save the results on your local disk. Registered users of the PDT 1.0 can get full access. Please remember that even anonymous users are required to register.