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Word-formation Relations Reflected in Noun Valency: The Case of Czech Deverbal and Deadjectival Nouns

The project deals with both theoretical and lexicographic treatment of deep and surface aspects of noun valency. It focuses on nouns directly or indirectly motivated by the same verbs, namely on deverbal and deadjectival nouns. This approach makes it possible to examine to what extent these nouns share valency properties with their motivating verbs and thus verify the valency inheritance hypothesis. The project builds upon the valency theory of the Functional Generative Description. Starting with nouns already contained in the valency lexicon NomVallex, other nouns with the same motivating verbs are selected from DeriNet, a database of derivational relations in Czech. The theoretical issues addressed in the project will include systemic and nonsystemic valency behavior of these nouns, reciprocity, and changes in meaning and/or valency of a noun associated with using a negative prefix. Results from the research into the addressed language phenomena will be integrated in the NomVallex lexicon which will then form a solid basis for further theoretical research into noun valency.


Kolářová Veronika, Vernerová Anna (2022): NomVallex: A Valency Lexicon of Czech Nouns and Adjectives. In: Proceedings of the 13th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2022). European Language Resources Association, Marseille, France, ISBN 979-10-95546-72-6, pp. 1344-1352.