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1721124 CZK (for MTviet alone)


Machine Translation from Vietnamese into Czech for the Purposes of the Police of the Czech Republic

(Czech name: Strojový překlad z vietnamštiny do češtiny pro účely policie)

The goal of the project was to develop an off-line machine translation system from Vietnamese into Czech that could be used by the Police of the Czech Republic internally.

The project was successfully accomplished and the Police can now automatically translate confidential materials without any concerns about compromising the security of the data. The system was optimized particularly for short text messages (SMS) which can often lack diacritic marks and suffer from other types of noise.


We closely collaborated with the Police of the Czech Republic, carrying out all experiments with confidential data only at their premises.

The project was actually run as one of 8 "commercialization concepts" within one project application by Charles University called "Ověření proveditelnosti a komerčního potenciálu výsledků výzkumu Univerzity Karlovy" (Proof of Concept UK).


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