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Subcategorization of adverbial meanings based on corpus data

The project is aimed at an analysis of the adverbial meanings in Czech sentences. Its basic repertory is one of a long lasting tradition in both scientific and school grammars. Current syntax however has a vast material basis in the form of electronic corpora available. The applicant´s department has already developed three Prague Dependency Treebanks which serve as the only corpus sources for the Czech language including data manually annotated on the level of deep syntax. These corpora provide a large amount of valuable examples based on which the meanings of sentence units can be defined more accurately and subcategorized more precisely. The main output of this project will be a very detailed, comprehensive, well-arranged description of meanings of adverbials including a list of formal realizations with examples. Theoretical knowledge stemming from the project will be used to improve and specify the annotation of the meanings in the Prague Dependency Treebanks. Both theoretical and practical results will subsequently be used in applications using machine translations.