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The Anthropology of Artificial Intelligence: Ethics, Understanding, Human Nature

The rapid development of the technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) poses the global threat of their disruptive and potentially destructive implementation – without social, political, philosophical, and religious traditions having enough time and opportunity to consider their challenge and contribute to their integration into existing structures and into these traditions themselves. Humanity is faced with an urgent task, and we intend, drawing on the Christian tradition, to do our own part. The crisis caused by AI necessitates the long-term social change of addressing the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for modern pluralist societies from an academic and Christian perspective, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding. Accordingly, the main target groups of our project are those leaders, decision-makers, intellectuals, and professionals in academia and outside the academia who are concerned with the enormous challenges of the present and the future as profoundly shaped by new AI technologies, and who are also open for dialogue.