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Vybrané derivační vztahy pro automatické zpracovaní češtiny

The project deals with selected word-formation relations in Czech, namely with relations between adjectives and their derivates. On the basis of the semantic relation to their base adjectives, derivates will be classified into two groups: into syntactic derivates (which have the same meaning as their base adjectives but differ in syntactic functions) and lexical derivates (which differ from the base adjectives in meaning). Based on our theoretical findings, an annotation proposal reflecting the derivational relations will be suggested. The proposal will be integrated in the deep-syntactic annotation of the Prague Dependency Treebank (PDT) and applied during annotation of language data to be included in the forthcoming version of PDT (PDT 3.0). PDT 3.0, as an advanced resource of richly annotated data, will serve as a solid basis for both theoretical linguistic research and various tasks of natural language processing (machine translation etc.).
An XML database of deadjectival derivates will be built within the present project.