Dušan Variš

Main Research Interests


  • Neural Machine Translation
  • Sequential Task Learning in Neural Networks
  • Modularity in Neural Networks
  • Japanese-English Translation



Current Projects:

  • MASAPIMultilingual Assistant for Searching, Analysing and Processing Information and decision support
  • HPLTHigh Performance Language Technologies
  • LINDAT TranslationLINDAT translation service - model training and production deployment
  • Formal Linguistics Seminar - recording of lectures (archive)


​Previous Projects:

  • Bergamot - Browser-based Multilingual Translation - multi-source machine translation
  • SSHOC - Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud - machine translation and text processing support
  • ELG - European Language Grid - dockerization of translation models
  • Neural Monkey - An open-source tool for sequence learning in NLP built on TensorFlow.
  • Health In My Language - machine translation of medical texts from English to Czech, German, Romanian and Polish
  • MTVietMachine Translation from Vietnamese into Czech for the Purposes of the Police of the Czech Republic
  • MLFix - automatic machine translation post-editing tool based on statistical machine learning (successor of Depfix)
  • Treex in Docker - dockerization of the up-to-date revision of the Treex NLP framework

Curriculum Vitae

My CV (in English) is available here.


(past) NSWI095 Introduction to Unix (labs), more info.

Selected Bibliography

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