Requirements for obtaining the course credit

  • Students have to have two short on-line presentations and submit  two assignments (Homework #1, #2) during the term.
    • HW1 max score: 30 pts
    • HW2 max score: 50 pts
    • Total max score: 80 pts
    • Required score limit: 55 pts
  • Students should pass two written tests so that the sum of scores in the tests exceeds the required score limit:
    • Test1 max score: 20 pts
    • Test2 max score: 100 pts
    • Total max score: 120 pts
    • Required score limit: 55 pts
    • In case of the distant examination, our approach will be individual and tailored to the students.

Obligatory assignments

  • Both obligatory assignments should be submitted in time.

Written tests

  • Written tests are scored tests.
  • The first written test consists of questions to be answered in 40 minutes, the last test in 80 minutes.
  • The topics covered for the tests will be specified in time.
  • In the tests, we require neither programming in R, nor mathematical proofs. We require practical knowledge of basic machine learning concepts (definitions, terms, and relationships among them). Some questions are formulated as simple tasks that can be addressed without the computer.
  • The goal of the tests is to verify whether students understand the topics discussed in the course and whether they are able to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations. 
  • We strictly require working out the questions on one's own.