Title Type
The Universe of Dependencies: Past and Future Event
A two-stage syntax-based natural language generator Event
Adaptation of Machine Translation to Specific Domains and Applications Event
Annotating and predicting implicit discourse relations in the TüBa-DZ Event
Annotation and automatic classification of situation entity types Event
Automatic Grammatical Error Correction for ESL-Learners by SMT - Getting it right Event
Automatic Transformational Analysis and Generation with NooJ Event
Autorské právo v prostředí jazykových dat a nástrojů (cz) Event
Beyond Shallow Semantics Event
Chinese Opinion Mining in JRLLT: Exploration of Fine-Grained OM Approaches Event
CLARIN: Requirements, Examples & Experiences Event
CloudASR: A Web Platform for Automatic Speech Recognition Event
Coherence relations and connectives: on cognitive categories, cross-linguistic comparison and discourse annotation Event
Combining dependency parsers using error rates Event
Combining symbolic and statistical methods in corpus-based NLP Event
Comparison of coreferential expressions in Czech and English Event
Computational methods and statistics in the annotation and analysis of discourse relations Event
Constraint-based Question Answering via Knowledge Graph Event
Content-based Segmentation for Audio-Visual Information Retrieval Event
Coreference resolution using parallel corpora Event
Czech Light Verbs from a Lexicographic Point of View Event
Data Extraction with NLP techniques and its Transformation to Linked Data Event
Decline and disappearance: on the negative side of recent change in English Event
DeriNet: A Lexical Network of Czech Derived Words Event
Discourse structure in text and dialogue: theoretical and empirical perspectives Event
Diskurzní vztahy a konektory: explicitnost, implicitnost a asymetrie Event
Engagement Recognition And Generation For Human-Robot Interaction; Disco: An Open Source Tool for Dialog Management Event
Expert Performance and the Multilingual Brain Event
Exploiting KonText for querying corpora from the Lindat repository Event
From opinion mining to text parsing: Toward the automatic analysis of editorials Event
From the Jungle to a Park: Harmonizing Annotations Across Languages Event
Grammar-licensed Treebank of Czech Event
Growing Trees: Non-Linear Incremental Parsing during Writing Event
How to evaluate a corpus Event
Human language as an exercise in creative recycling: welcome to the world of grammatical constructions Event
Improving Dependency Parsing Using Sentence Clause Charts Event
Jak se dá rozumět vývoji Chomského teorie od Syntactic Structures (1957) k Problems of Projection (2013)? Event
Learning to Find Out What the User Wants: LSTM Dialog State Tracker Event
Learning under Bias in NLP Event
Lexical obsolescence and loss: two methodological probes Event
Logical Form: A Linguistic Formalism from Microsoft Research Event
Lost in the Woods? Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Non-Projective Trees Event
Machine learning for social multi-user human robot interaction Event
Machine Translation and Discriminative Models Event
Multilingual parallel corpora and linguistic theory: How to compare constraints cross-linguistically Event
Neural Network Based Named Entity Recognition Event
O vokativu Event
Open-Source Taggers for (Czech) POS Tagging and NE Recognition Event
Prefixy v syntaxi a ve slovníku Event
Přínos moderních zobrazovacích metod k poznání kognitivních funkcí mozku Event
Problémy tvorby a anotácie webových korpusov Aranea Event
Propojování valenčních slovníků Event
Putting Linguistics back into Computational Linguistics Event
Representing Spatial Information in Language Event
Sequence-to-sequence natural language generation for spoken dialogue systems Event
Speech recognition using Kaldi Event
Spracovania valencie slovenských slovies v pripravovanom Valenčnom slovníku slovenských slovies na korpusovom základe Event
Srovnávací konstrukce v češtině Event
Strategies for cohesive dialogues in Scandinavian Event
Target-Side Context for Discriminative Models in Statistical MT Event
tba Event
tba Event
tba Event
Text a koherence Event
The Blocks World Redux Event
The digital humanities—the “computational linguistics” for the rest of the humanities? Event
The INCOMSLAV project Event
The New Machine Translation—Getting Blood from a Stone Event
The Statistical Problem of Language Acquisition Event
Towards a multilayer and multidimensional corpus annotation: Following the footprints of the Meaning-Text Theory Event
Towards large coverage deep-syntactic parsing Event
Valenční slovník českých sloves VALLEX: Od slovníku ke gramatice Event
Vyjadřování emocí v češtině: lingvistická analýza a praktické aplikace Event
Výzkum syntaxe mluvené češtiny: vybrané problémy analytické a terminologické Event
What Happens when Thomas Aquinas Goes to Prague Event
Working with Universal Dependencies Event
Zkoumání klitik ve starší češtině Event
Zpracování textů v medicíně - ukázky Event