CVHM Comics Competition

Since 2011, Malach Centre for Visual history holds a yearly competition for young comics authors. High school and elementary school students are given the opportunity to submit their pieces based on listening to online-accessible interviews with the Holocaust survivors from the USC SF Visual History Archive. Techniques used, format and length are left to the consideration and preference of the participants themselves. The best three pieces are subsequently awarded and exhibited online as well as physically in a gallery at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics

Below, you can the winners for 2017/18 awarded in two categories (click thumbnails to enlarge).

Advanced students

1st Place Liliana Nyklová

Gymnázium Václava Hraběte, Hořovice

2nd Place Nataly Schättingerová

Gymnázium Dr. Emila Holuba, Holice

3rd Place Alexandra Süttöová

SOŠ a Pedagogická akademie Modrá

Nataly Schättingerová


















Younger students

1st Place Eliška Havlíková

Gymnázium Dr. Emila Holuba, Holice

2nd Place Klára Šoutová

ZŠ U Školek, Litomyšl

3rd Place Stanislav Grubhoffer / Samuel Mašek

Gymnázium Polička (in the same order)