Korektor releases are available on GitHub, either as a pre-compiled binary package, or source code only. The binary package contains Linux, Windows and OS X binaries.

To use Korektor, a language model is needed. Here is a list of available language models.

If you want to compile Korektor manually, sources are available on on GitHub, both in the pre-compiled binary package releases and in the repository itself.

1. Requirements

  • G++ 4.7 or newer, clang 3.2 or newer, Visual C++ 2015 or newer
  • make: on Windows, you can use mingw32-make

2. Compilation

To compile Korektor, run make in the src directory.

Make targets and options:

  • exe: compile the binaries (default)
  • lib: compile the static library
  • BITS=32 or BITS=64: compile for specified 32-bit or 64-bit architecture instead of the default one
  • MODE=release: create release build which statically links the C++ runtime and uses LTO
  • MODE=debug: create debug build
  • MODE=profile: create profile build

2.1. Platforms

Platform can be selected using one of the following options:

  • PLATFORM=linux, PLATFORM=linux-gcc: gcc compiler on Linux operating system, default on Linux
  • PLATFORM=linux-clang: clang compiler on Linux, must be selected manually
  • PLATFORM=osx, PLATFORM=osx-clang: clang compiler on OS X, default on OS X; BITS=32+64 enables multiarch build
  • PLATFORM=win, PLATFORM=win-gcc: gcc compiler on Windows (TDM-GCC is well tested), default on Windows
  • PLATFORM=win-vs: Visual C++ 2015 compiler on Windows, must be selected manually; note that the cl.exe compiler must be already present in PATH and corresponding BITS=32 or BITS=64 must be specified

Either POSIX shell or Windows CMD can be used as shell, it is detected automatically.

2.2. Further Details

Korektor uses C++ BuilTem system, please refer to its manual if interested in all supported options.