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2020 - 2022

Global Coherence

Global Coherence of Czech Texts in the Corpus-Based Perspective

The project aims at theoretical and corpus-based representation of global coherence in Czech written texts. Global coherence assumes a hierarchical representation of smaller (clauses, sentences) and larger text units (e.g. paragraphs) and existence of coherence relations between these units on all levels of the hierarchy. A single interconnected representation for the entire document is postulated, too. As a first step, up-to-date linguistic frameworks for global coherence analysis are critically evaluated. We benefit from our own long-term experience with describing various linguistic aspects of local coherence. Next, we will design a suitable scenario for representing global coherence with corpus methods and conduct a pilot annotation. The project combines and expands both the line of development of research on discourse and coherence at ÚFAL and recent advances in international discourse-oriented community. 

Publications in 2020:

Lucie Poláková, Jiří Mírovský (2020): Mining Local Discourse Annotation for Features of Global Discourse Structure. In: 23rd International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue, pp. 50-60, Springer, Cham, Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-030-58322-4

Eva Hajičová, Jiří Mírovský, Barbora Štěpánková (2020): Focalizers and Discourse Relations. In: The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, ISSN 0032-6585, 115, pp. 187-197

Lucie Poláková, Kateřina Rysová, Magdaléna Rysová, Jiří Mírovský (2020): GeCzLex: Lexicon of Czech and German Anaphoric Connectives. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020), pp. 1082-1089, European Language Resources Association, Marseille, France, ISBN 979-10-95546-34-4

Presentations in 2020:

Workshop: "Explicit and implicit coherence relations: Different, but how exactly?", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, January 17-18, 2020:

Lucie Poláková: Implicit relation questions surfacing in Prague discourse projects

Šárka Zikánová: Factors influencing implicit discourse relations in Czech