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PhDr. Šárka Zikánová, Ph.D.

Readings on Semantics and Pragmatics

  • Time and location: Wednesday 12:20–13:50, S7
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Anja Nedoluzhko, Šárka Zikánová

Course schedule:

•Feb. 20  NO LECTURE
•Feb. 27. Anna Nedoluzhko: Introduction to semantics, choose of the literature 
•March 3: Semantics
•March 13 Semantics
•March 20 Semantics
•March 27 Pragmatics
•April 3  Pragmatics
•April 10 Pragmatics
•April 17  NO LECTURE (?)
•Aprill 24 Pragmatics
•May 24 SZ+AN: Conclusions, terminology dictionary analysis


 Course completion requirements:

  • Read the texts
  • Take part at seminars and discussions
  • Prepare your own little terminology dictionary on new terms and notions that you consider to be importand to understand the unalysed topics 


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Online references

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