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2/2 C+Ex

Dependency Grammars and Treebanks

Lectures: Markéta Lopatková, Daniel Zeman

  • Wed, room S1, 15:40-17:10

Practical sessions: Jiří Mírovský, Daniel Zeman

  • Fri, SU1, 12:20-13:50



  • February 19, 2020: Introduction, trees, word order, projectivity (pdf);
    • reading:
    • Kuhlmann, M., Nivre, J. (2006): Mildly Non-Projective Dependency Structures. In COLING/ACL Main Conference Poster Sessions, 507–514 (link).
    • Havelka, J. (2007): Mathematical Properties of Dependency Trees and their Application to Natural Language Syntax. PhD Thesis, MFF UK (link)
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Sample Final Test

Anybody is allowed to take the test without completing homeworks; however, the final grade will be registered in SIS only after completing them.

Note: 40% of the total score for the final test is necessary for passing!

Useful Links and Other Materials

  • Table with Czech positional morphological tags (pdf);
  • Table with analytical functions in PDT 2.0 (pdf);
  • Table with T-nodes attributes in PDT 2.0 (pdf);
  • PDT 2.0 Guide or here pdf
  • PDT documentation (PDT 3.0, 2.0)
  • Universal Dependencies (link)


Practical (lab) sessions

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  • All homeworks must be committed into the svn repository; do not send your homeworks by e-mail.
  • Submit your work into your personal directories.
  • There is an explicit deadline for submitting each homework - Tuesday before midnight.
  • If the deadline is not met, ask for additional homework. All homeworks must be submitted in order to get the credit (zápočet).
  • You can solve an additional homework even if you submitted the normal homework in time (i.e., you can improve your average by solving some of the additional homeworks).
  • You have to e-mail us to confirm your additional homework is ready to be rated. All additional homeworks must be submitted at least one week before the credit.
  • Each student is supposed to create all homework solutions himself/herself; any cheating will be penalised (but you can send us an e-mail if you are stuck).

Final grade

  • Homework (40%)
  • Activity (10%)
  • Final test (50%) ... Note: 40% of the total score for the final test is necessary for passing!
  • Excellent: >= 90 %
  • Very good: >= 70 %
  • Good: >= 50 %