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Year 2017
Type lecture notes *
Status published
Language English
Author(s) Nivre, Joakim Zeman, Daniel Ginter, Filip Tyers, Francis
Title EACL tutorial on Universal Dependencies
Czech title EACL tutoriál o Universal Dependencies
Publisher's city and country Valencia, Spain
Venue Palacio de congresos
Month April
How published online
URL http://universaldependencies.org/eacl17tutorial/
Supported by 2015-2017 GA15-10472S (Morfologicky a syntakticky anotované korpusy mnoha jazyků) 2017-2021 PROGRES Q48 (Informatika)
Czech abstract Vícejazyčný výzkum syntaxe a syntaktické analýzy byl dlouhou dobu brzděn tím, že anotační styly používané v různých jazycích se výrazně lišily a bylo téměř nemožné provést metodologicky čisté srovnání a vyhodnocení vícejazyčných experimentů se strojovým učením.
English abstract Multilingual research on syntax and parsing has for a long time been hampered by the fact that annotation schemes vary enormously across languages, which has made it virtually impossible to perform sound comparative evaluations and cross-lingual learning experiments. The Universal Dependencies (UD) project (www.universaldependencies.org) seeks to tackle this problem by developing cross-linguistically consistent treebank annotation for many languages, aiming to capture similarities as well as idiosyncracies among typologically different languages (e.g., morphologically rich languages, pro-drop languages, and languages featuring clitic doubling). The goal is not only to support comparative evaluation and cross-lingual learning but also to facilitate multilingual natural language processing and enable comparative linguistic studies. To serve all these purposes, the framework needs to have a solid linguistic foundation and at the same time be transparent and accessible to non-specialists.
Specialization linguistics ("jazykověda")
Confidentiality default – not confidential
Open access no
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Modifier: Common Account
Modified: 7/19/17 2:32 PM

Slides word segmentation and morphologypublicmorphology.pdfapplication/pdf
Slides CoNLL 2017 shared taskpublicconll.pdfapplication/pdf
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