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Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics

at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

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Code GBP103/12/G084
Agency Grantová agentura České republiky
Duration 2012-2018
Persons Pavel Pecina, Martin Holub, Silvie Cinková
Description Centrum pro multi-modální interpretaci dat velkého rozsahu
Research intent no
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Modified: 1/29/15 6:52 PM

Publications Funded by this Grant

2012Attia, Mohammed; Pecina, Pavel; Samih, Younes; Shaalan, Khaled; van Genabith, JosefImproved Spelling Error Detection and Correction for Arabic
2012Avramidis, Eleftherios; Costa-Jussà, Marta R.; Federmann, Christian; Pecina, Pavel; van Genabith, JosefA Richly Annotated, Multilingual Parallel Corpus for Hybrid Machine Translation
2012Cinková, Silvie; Holub, Martin; Kríž, VincentManaging Uncertainty in Semantic Tagging
2012Cinková, Silvie; Holub, Martin; Kríž, VincentOptimizing semantic granularity for NLP - report on a lexicographic experiment
2012Cinková, Silvie; Holub, Martin; Rambousek, Adam; Smejkalová, LenkaA database of semantic clusters of verb usages
2012Cinková, Silvie; Smejkalová, Lenka; Vernerová, Anna; Thál, Jonáš; Holub, MartinMaintaining consistency of monolingual verb entries with interannotator agreement
2012Federmann, Christian; Avramidis, Eleftherios; Costa-Jussà, Marta R.; Melero, Maite; van Genabith, Josef; Pecina, PavelThe ML4HMT Workshop on Optimising the Division of Labour in Hybrid Machine Translation
2012Federmann, Christian; Melero, Maite; Pecina, Pavel; van Genabith, JosefTowards Optimal Choice Selection for Improved Hybrid Machine Translation
2012Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelCUNI at MediaEval 2012 Search and Hyperlinking Task
2012Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, Pavel; Hajič, JanPenalty Functions for Evaluation Measures of Unsegmented Speech Retrieval
2012Holub, Martin; Kríž, Vincent; Cinková, Silvie; Bick, EckhardTailored Feature Extraction for Lexical Disambiguation of English Verbs Based on Corpus Pattern Analysis
2012Pecina, Pavel; Toral, Antonio; Papavassiliou, Vassilis; Prokopidis, Prokopis; Genabith, JosefDomain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation using Web-Crawled Resources: a Case Study
2012Pecina, Pavel; Toral, Antonio; van Genabith, JosefSimple and Effective Parameter Tuning for Domain Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation
2012Shaalan, Khaled; Attia, Mohammed; Pecina, Pavel; Samih, Younes; van Genabith, JosefArabic Word Generation and Modelling for Spell Checking
2013Bejček, Eduard; Straňák, Pavel; Pecina, PavelSyntactic Identification of Occurrences of Multiword Expressions in Text using a Lexicon with Dependency Structures
2013Cinková, Silvie; Holub, Martin; Krejčová, Ema; Smejkalová, LenkaRule-Based Extraction of English Verb Collocates from a Dependency-Parsed Corpus
2013Dương, Thành Long; Bird, Steven; Cook, Paul; Pecina, PavelIncreasing the quality and quantity of source language data for unsupervised cross-lingual POS tagging.
2013Dương, Thành Long; Bird, Steven; Cook, Paul; Pecina, PavelSimpler unsupervised POS tagging with bilingual projections
2013Eskevich, Maria; Jones, Gareth J.F.; Aly, Robin; Ordelman, Roeland; Chen, Shu; Nadeem, Danish; Guinaudeau, Camille; Gravier, Guillaume; Sébillot, Pascale; De Nies, Tom; Debevere, Pedro; Van de Walle, Rik; Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, Pavel; Larson, Martha A.Multimedia Information Seeking through Search and Hyperlinking
2013Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelCUNI at MediaEval 2013 Search and Hyperlinking Task
2013Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelCUNI at MediaEval 2013 Similar Segments in Social Speech Task
2013Hladká, Barbora; Holub, Martin; Kríž, VincentFeature Engineering in the NLI Shared Task 2013: Charles University Submission Report
2013Krčmář, Lubomír; Ježek, Karel; Pecina, PavelDetermining Compositionality of Word Expressions Using Various Word Space Models and Measures
2013Krčmář, Lubomír; Ježek, Karel; Pecina, PavelDetermining Compositionality of Word Expressions Using Word Space Models
2014Dušek, Ondřej; Hajič, Jan; Hlaváčová, Jaroslava; Novák, Michal; Pecina, Pavel; Rosa, Rudolf; Tamchyna, Aleš; Urešová, Zdeňka; Zeman, DanielMachine Translation of Medical Texts in the Khresmoi Project
2014Galuščáková, Petra; Kruliš, Martin; Lokoč, Jakub; Pecina, PavelCUNI at MediaEval 2014 Search and Hyperlinking Task: Visual and Prosodic Features in Hyperlinking
2014Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelCUNI at MediaEval 2014 Search and Hyperlinking Task: Search Task Experiments
2014Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelExperiments with Segmentation Strategies for Passage Retrieval in Audio-Visual Documents
2014Libovický, Jindřich; Pecina, PavelTolerant BLEU: a Submission to the WMT14 Metrics Task
2014Pecina, Pavel; Dušek, Ondřej; Goeuriot, Lorraine; Hajič, Jan; Hlaváčová, Jaroslava; Jones, Gareth J.F.; Kelly, Liadh; Leveling, Johannes; Mareček, David; Novák, Michal; Popel, Martin; Rosa, Rudolf; Tamchyna, Aleš; Urešová, ZdeňkaAdaptation of machine translation for multilingual information retrieval in medical domain
2014Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelCUNI at the ShARe/CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2014
2015Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelAudio Information for Hyperlinking of TV Content
2015Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, PavelCUNI at MediaEval 2015 Search and Anchoring in Video Archives: Anchoring via Information Retrieval
2015Galuščáková, Petra; Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelSHAMUS: UFAL Search and Hyperlinking Multimedia System
2015Hajič, jr., Jan; Pecina, PavelMatching Illustrative Images to “Soft News” Articles
2015Hladká, Barbora; Holub, MartinA Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing: How to start in 16 practical steps
2015Kríž, Vincent; Holub, Martin; Pecina, PavelFeature Extraction for Native Language Identification Using Language Modeling
2015Libovický, Jindřich; Neumann, Lukáš; Pecina, Pavel; Matas, JiříA Machine Learning Approach to Hypothesis Decoding in Scene Text Recognition
2015Palotti, João; Zuccon, Guido; Goeuriot, Lorraine; Kelly, Liadh; Hanbury, Allan; Jones, Gareth J.F.; Lupu, Mihai; Pecina, PavelRetrieving information about medical symptoms
2015Pecina, Pavel; Toral, Antonio; Papavassiliou, Vassilis; Prokopidis, Prokopis; Tamchyna, Aleš; Way, Andy; Genabith, JosefDomain adaptation of statistical machine translation with domain-focused web crawling
2015Saleh, Shadi; Bibyna, Feraena; Pecina, PavelCUNI at the CLEF eHealth 2015 Task 2
2015Toral, Antonio; Pecina, Pavel; Wang, Longyue; Genabith, JosefLinguistically-augmented Perplexity-based Data Selection for Language Models
2016Attia, Mohammed; Pecina, Pavel; Samih, Younes; Shaalan, Khaled; Genabith, JosefArabic Spelling Error Detection and Correction
2016Galuščáková, Petra; Batko, Michal; Kruliš, Martin; Lokoč, Jakub; Novák, David; Pecina, PavelCUNI at TRECVID 2015 Video Hyperlinking Task
2016Galuščáková, Petra; Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelSHAMUS: UFAL Search and Hyperlinking Multimedia System
2016Hajič, jr., JanMUSCIMarker 1.1
2016Hajič, jr., Jan; Novotný, Jiří; Pecina, Pavel; Pokorný, JaroslavFurther Steps towards a Standard Testbed for Optical Music Recognition
2016Libovický, Jindřich; Helcl, Jindřich; Tlustý, Marek; Pecina, Pavel; Bojar, OndřejCUNI System for WMT16 Automatic Post-Editing and Multimodal Translation Tasks
2016Libovický, Jindřich; Pecina, PavelA Dataset and Evaluation Metric for Coherent Text Recognition from Scene Images
2016Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelAdapting SMT Query Translation Reranker to New Languages in Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
2016Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelReranking Hypotheses of Machine-Translated Queries for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
2016Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelTask3 Patient-Centred Information Retrieval: Team CUNI
2016Sudarikov, Roman; Dušek, Ondřej; Holub, Martin; Bojar, Ondřej; Kríž, VincentVerb Sense Disambiguation in Machine Translation
2017Dorfer, Matthias; Hajič, jr., Jan; Widmer, GerhardOn the Potential of Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Musical Symbol Detection
2017Galuščáková, PetraKolekcia pre viacjazyčné vyhľadávanie v českých nahrávkach korpusu Malach
2017Galuščáková, PetraText Mining
2017Galuščáková, Petra; Batko, Michal; Čech, Jan; Matas, Jiří; Novák, David; Pecina, PavelVisual Descriptors in Methods for Video Hyperlinking
2017Galuščáková, Petra; Pecina, Pavel; Hoffmannová, Petra; Hajič, Jan; Ircing, Pavel; Švec, JanČeská kolekcia Malach pre testovanie multijazyčného vyhľadávania v hovorenej reči
2017Hajič, jr., JanMUSCIMA++
2017Hajič, jr., JanOptical Music Recognition: Because music notation is text, too!
2017Hajič, jr., Jan; Dorfer, MatthiasPrototyping Full-Pipeline OMR With MUSCIMarker
2017Hajič, jr., Jan; Pecina, PavelDetecting Noteheads in Handwritten Scores with ConvNets and Bounding Box Regression
2017Hajič, jr., Jan; Pecina, PavelGroundtruthing (not only) Music Notation with MUSCIMarker: a Practical Overview
2017Hajič, jr., Jan; Pecina, PavelHow to Exploit Music Notation Syntax for OMR?
2017Hajič, jr., Jan; Pecina, PavelThe MUSCIMA++ Dataset for Handwritten Optical Music Recognition
2017Helcl, Jindřich; Libovický, JindřichCUNI System for the WMT17 Multimodal Translation Task
2017Helcl, Jindřich; Libovický, JindřichNeural Monkey: An Open-source Tool for Sequence Learning
2017Ircing, Pavel; Švec, Jan; Zajíc, Zbyněk; Hladká, Barbora; Holub, MartinCombining Textual and Speech Features in the NLI Task Using State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Techniques
2017Libovický, Jindřich; Helcl, JindřichAttention Strategies for Multi-Source Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
2018Calvo-Zaragoza, Jorge; Hajič, jr., Jan; Pacha, AlexanderDiscussion Group Summary: Optical Music Recognition
2018Dorfer, Matthias; Hajič, jr., Jan; Arzt, Andreas; Frostel, Harald; Widmer, GerhardLearning Audio–Sheet Music Correspondences for Cross-Modal Retrieval and Piece Identification
2018Dorfer, Matthias; Hajič, jr., Jan; Widmer, GerhardAttention as a Perspective for Learning Tempo-invariant Audio Queries
2018Hajič, jr., Jan; Dorfer, Matthias; Widmer, Gerhard; Pecina, PavelTowards Full-Pipeline Handwritten OMR with Musical Symbol Detection by U-Nets
2018Hajič, jr., Jan; Kolárová, Marta; Pacha, Alexander; Calvo-Zaragoza, Jorge How current optical music recognition systems are becoming useful for digital libraries
2018Hajič, jr., Jan; Pacha, Alexander; Calvo-Zaragoza, JorgeOptical Music Recognition for Dummies
2018Helcl, Jindřich; Libovický, Jindřich; Kocmi, Tom; Musil, Tomáš; Cífka, Ondřej; Variš, Dušan; Bojar, OndřejNeural Monkey: The Current State and Beyond
2018Helcl, Jindřich; Libovický, Jindřich; Pecina, PavelCzech Version of the Multi30k dataset
2018Helcl, Jindřich; Libovický, Jindřich; Variš, DušanCUNI System for the WMT18 Multimodal Translation Task
2018Libovický, Jindřich; Helcl, JindřichEnd-to-End Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation with Connectionist Temporal Classification
2018Libovický, Jindřich; Helcl, Jindřich; Mareček, DavidInput Combination Strategies for Multi-Source Transformer Decoder
2018Pacha, Alexander; Hajič, jr., Jan; Calvo-Zaragoza, JorgeA Baseline for General Music Object Detection with Deep Learning
2018Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelAn Extended CLEF eHealth Test Collection for Cross-lingual Information Retrieval in the Medical Domain
2018Saleh, Shadi; Pecina, PavelCUNI team: CLEF eHealth Consumer Health Search Task 2018
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