Fall tutorials

The LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ Tutorials First Announcement

Tutorials are primarily intended for researchers in the humanities and arts, language technology experts and students across these disciplines.

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Studies in Prague

High-quality affordable bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English, at one of the oldest and most highly regarded universities in Europe and in one of the most student-friendly cities.

Study Computer Science or Computational Linguistics

Daniel Zeman awarded

Congratulations to Daniel Zeman who earned the Dean's Award for his monograph The world of tokens, tags and trees.

Dan is a significant member of the Universal Dependencies team who develops an universal grammatical description applicable to as many languages as possible.

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CoNLL Shared Task 2019

ÚFAL and LINDAT/CLARIN announce the Cross-Framework Meaning Representation Parsing CoNLL Shared Task (MRP 2019).

The goal of the task is to advance data-driven parsing into graph-structured representations of sentence meaning. Please see http://mrp.nlpl.eu/ for details, schedule, and data.

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Syntax–Semantics Interface

Eva Hajičová

A new volume reflects the author’s research in four main domains: (i) the specification of the underlying dependency sentence structure, (ii) topic-focus articulation, (iii) building of an annotated corpus of Czech, and (iv) the notion of the hiearachy of knowledge elements shared by the speaker and the hearer.

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Introducing Martin Popel

I developed a neural MT system CUNI-Transformer, which won in the English-Czech WMT2018 shared task. I also work on Universal Dependencies using Udapi.

I teach Language Data Resources, Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics and Natural language processing on computational cluster.

I am the technical editor of the PBML journal.

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